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By Joel F Bookout DDS, PC
December 10, 2018
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If there’s one essential tool for protecting your dental health, it’s the humble toothbrush. The basic manual brush with a long, slender handle and short-bristled head is still effective when used skillfully. The market, though, is full of choices, all of them touting their brand as the best.

So how do you choose? You can cut through any marketing hype with a few simple guidelines.

First, understand what you’re trying to accomplish with brushing: removing dental plaque, that thin film of bacteria and food particles on tooth surfaces that’s the main cause of dental disease. Brushing also stimulates gum tissue and helps reduce inflammation.

With that in mind, you’ll first want to consider the texture of a toothbrush’s bristles, whether they’re stiff (hard) or more pliable (soft). You might think the firmer the better for removing plaque, but actually a soft-bristled brush is just as effective in this regard. Stiffer bristles could also damage the gums over the long term.

Speaking of bristles, look for those that have rounded tips. In a 2016 study, less rounded tips increased gum recession in the study’s participants by 30%. You should also look for toothbrushes with different bristle heights: longer bristles at the end can be more effective cleaning back teeth.

As far as size and shape, choose a brush that seems right and comfortable for you when you hold it. For children or people with dexterity problems, a handle with a large grip area can make the toothbrush easier to hold and use.

And look for the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance, something you may have seen on some toothpaste brands. It means the toothbrush in question has undergone independent testing and meets the ADA’s standards for effectiveness. That doesn’t mean a particular brush without the seal is sub-standard—when in doubt ask your dentist on their recommendation.

Even a quality toothbrush is only as effective as your skill in using it. Your dental provider can help, giving you tips and training for getting the most out of your brush. With practice, you and your toothbrush can effectively remove disease-causing plaque and help keep your smile beautiful and healthy.

If you would like more information on what to look for in a toothbrush, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Sizing up Toothbrushes.”

By Joel F Bookout DDS, PC
December 06, 2018
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Damaged smile? Dental crowns can give those teeth a second chance. There are many advantages to dental crowns, which makes choosing a general dentist who offers them a great idea. Led by Dr. Joel Bookout, General & Sedation Dentistry in Chattanooga, TN, offers a full range of dental services, including crowns. Read on to learn more about how crowns can help you!

1. Restore decayed teeth

Dental decay is the destruction of tooth structure, and it is caused by poor oral hygiene, drinking sugary beverages, and snacking frequently. Dental crowns are used to restore teeth that are badly decayed. Treatment entails that dental decay be removed so that the crown may be fitted over the tooth to strengthen it and restore functionality.

2. Protect teeth from damage

A crown acts as a strong covering for a tooth that has been weakened and can protect your worn-down or weakened teeth from further damage. Dental crowns are known for great strength and durability, as their tough, natural tooth structure is able to withstand daily wear and tear.

3. Restore your broken teeth

Breaking a tooth is a common phenomenon, for although enamel is the hardest substance in your body, its strength has limits. A fall, biting down on something hard, or receiving a blow to the face are all common occurrences that can cause a tooth to break. If you have a chipped or cracked tooth, a crown can cover it and restore its appearance.

4. Fix discolored teeth

Tooth discoloration affects people of all ages. Teeth can be stained by coffee, soda, wine, tea, and other drinks and foods. Tobacco use, poor dental hygiene, and certain medications also cause tooth discoloration. Dental crowns can give you the white smile you've always wanted. Unlike real teeth, dental crowns resist dental stains remarkably well.

5. Fix badly shaped teeth

When you have bad teeth, it can make you feel embarrassed about your smile—dental crowns, however, may be the answer, as they are routinely used to fix badly shaped or crooked teeth. They are effective in covering up dental imperfections and can give patients the appearance of a perfect smile.

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